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7 Types of Runes in Dota 2

Runes in DotA 2 - magic signs that are temporarily reinforcing the heroes appearing every 2 minutes on 2 hills of each side of Dire and Radient and randomly at one of two points on the river, dividing the two sides. The most convenient are these 2 points for access for the hero from the mid-line. The first runes (those on the hills) appear at the very start of the game. If within two minutes the rune appeared on the river, no one took advantage of it, then another random rune replaces it. If you are going to visit site to bet, keep in mind all the nuances about the gameplay Dota 2.

There are 7 types of runes:

  1. The Rune of Wealth. Added in 6.82, this rune is a clot of gold and experience. Depending on the current minute of the game, it gives a certain amount of gold and experience to raise the level of the character. The peculiarity of these runes is that they are guaranteed to appear every 2 minutes of the game in the amount of 4 pieces on the whole map. The first runes of Wealth are valuable, because they give + 40 gold to each character of the team (but do not give experience). All this is +200 gold per team, which will allow you to buy the necessary items at the beginning of the game.
  2. The Rune of Invisibility. The essence of the rune's work is in the name - it makes the character invisible for 45 seconds after a two-second delay. If you use this effect to attack / use an item / skill, it will disappear. During the delay at the entrance to invisibility, the hero can attack without loss of effect. After entering the invisible state for the first seconds, you can use Bottle. Without fear of loss of effect under the influence of this rune, you can choose other runes.
  3. The Rune of Double Damage. For 45 seconds, the hero receives a 100% bonus to his "white" physical (native) damage. The effect does not work on illusions, but works on Meepo clones within a radius of 500.
  4. The Rune of Acceleration. Gives the movement speed of 522 for 30 seconds to any character. During this time, no slowing effect can be applied to it.
  5. The Rune of illusions. Creates 2 character copies for 75 seconds, dealing 35% of his white damage. Illusions get much more damage than their original - melee illusions of 200% damage, and distant - 300%. Many consider this rune to be the most useless available, but with its competent use it is possible to breed enemies for the use of important items, scrolls of teleportation and other values. For some characters, this rune is very good and without much manipulation. For example, for Terrorblade, Chaos Knight, Anti-mage.
  6. The Regeneration Rune. Gives a powerful recovery effect in the form of an increase of +100 health per second and +67 mana per second, lasts 30 seconds. Before this time, the effect will be lost if the hero fully restores both parameters or if he takes damage. There are a few exceptions, for example Poison Sting of the Venomancer hero or the Heartstopper Aura of the hero Necrophos.
  7. The Rune of Magic. Reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 30% and mana cost by 50%. Lasts 50 seconds. At the same time, reducing the mana cost per item does not work, but the effect of reducing recharge time is working. It summarizes with the effects of the Octarin Core object. It is the joy of all magicians. Especially pleasant for such heroes-mids, as Storm Spirit, Queen of Pain.

All runes (except for the instantly operating rune of Wealth) can be removed using the Eul's Scepter of Divinity or the Tornado ability of the Invoker hero. The knowledge of the runes' benefits will be of use for the gameplay. Check the meaning of all runes and their benefits here.