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Most Popular Game Strategies You Should Learn

Periodically, experienced players apply various game strategies. This article will briefly describe each strategy from the list of the most popular strategies: value betting, betting on the outcome, strategy of the betting fork. Check the eSports guide before betting.

Check Betting Strategies and Choose the Best One for You

What betting strategy on dota do you stick to? The most popular eSports bets are - bets on the outcome - for a draw, loss or victory. Analysis of the lines that are offered by various large bookmakers gives you an opportunity to choose the most profitable coefficient of cybersport betting. Popularity bets offer higher odds. In addition, bookmakers often recommend putting money on a double outcome - the failure of any team and the absence of a draw.

Also, all sorts of strategies are in demand and re-invented - such a strategy proposes to bet certain amounts on sporting events until there is a gain. The amount of each of the following rates, in this case, increases so that you can cover all previous expenses associated with losses. Initially, the system was developed for people playing roulette, today, bettors use different financial strategies: the system of Oscar Grind, Martingale, D’Alember, Kelly criterion, etc.

Betting Fork Strategy

The betting fork is an interesting betting strategy: it is an arbitration situation that arises between several bookmaker offices, in which a player can bet in different offices on all the outcomes of the competition and remain a winner. For example. in the first bookmaker's office, a factor of 1.7 is offered to win one of the tennis players, and a second - 2.83 - to win the second athlete, the strategy of betting on eSports. 1.7 * 1500 * = 2550; 2.83 * 900 = 2547. If you win one bet, the net profit will be 150 and the other - 147.

Value Betting

Our review includes such a very risky strategy, which has the name “value betting,” and also has the name of a strategy for betting on events that have been underestimated. In this case, the player makes a bet on events with very high coefficients. But such a strategy is used only when the player is firmly convinced that the bookmaker’s incorrect outcome of the competition.

Esports bets are difficult for everyone. They are complex and incomprehensible, but this is only at first. There are three types of betting rates:

  • Single bets;
  • express bets;
  • system bets.

The most common bets are single betting. They are best placed on one outcome of one event. You should understand that there is no such a strategy that can provide you with the 100% guarantee that you will win. But you'd better try some of them, bet on your favorite game using a strategy that works best for you.