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In-Game Leading: Practice as a Team in CS:GO

If you want to start your CS:GO, you'll have to start practicing as a team. Before you start playing “big,” you should learn how to developed well-organized teamwork. At csgo, this knowledge is of great importance.

Learn Default Settings

Your team's major priority is to establish default settings for both terrorist and counter-terrorist game. These are predetermined positions that will be displayed on the map. Most teams start with one or two default counter-terrorist setting and one default terrorist setting. The mission of a default terrorist setting is to reach additional map maintenance by keeping the control you start with.

Understand Your Goals

The major priority of counter-terrorist settings is to deny map maintenance to the terrorist team and keep the bomb sites under control. Both teams are always searching for information about each other's tools, positions, and tactics. It is crucial that default settings aren't simply positions that you manage on the map, but also functions that you have to play.

Learn Default Executes

Once your team has got default setups, you can start focusing on “executes.” These are particular pairs of grenades and player roles that let you maintain key areas on the map. It's crucial that in-game leaders know what executes they need and how to perform them. Many teams fail to succeed in CS:GO by smoothing the same angles. This is why “dry runs” are important. After all, it's better to fix a sloppy smoke in a private server rather than do the same thing in the middle of a scrim!

Customize Your Sessions

Your team will be constantly distracted and very unproductive if they sit in a private server for a while. In the long-term perspective, you'll have to find a strategy that works for your players. If your team works best under pressure, proceed with practice through a scrim, then check replays or work on possible issues afterwards.

Start Acting Like a Team

Now when it is high time to scrim, you should set your demo to private so other teams can't easily approach you. It doesn't need to be changed to “none,” so you won't be able to review your own team's replays!

Final Word

At csgo, your major weapon is intensive practice as a team! Any team that expects to reach ESEA Main or Premier should play together as much as possible. If you take the courage of being the team leader, you'll need to make sure players join training on time. There's no other solution.