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Events and Bonuses of Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of those online games that arrange annual competitions with super attractive rewards and bonuses. When it comes to dota, let’s get deeper into details.

The Dota International is the most influential event that gets all Dota enthusiasts together. This event has been organized since the past eight years. By creating something new and exciting, Valve manages to keep the Dota community intrigued. While the Dota 2 International is the e-sports competition with the highest prize pool, the general number of events that are conducted annually is lower compared to other online games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offense and Fortnite.

The prize pool offered by Dota 2 developers remains the highest compared to any other game in E-sports. Counter-Strike and Fortnite have considerably more followers, but their system of bonuses looks more moderate. Dota 2 has a static fan base, making up only a 1-3% shift to another gaming site.

Most of Dota 2 events are supported by massive organizations such as Steel Series, The Monster, and so on. At the same time, some events are also conducted by Valve because the company knows the techniques to produce the impressive prize pool. Crowdfunding is the major strategy of establishing the prize pool in every important event launched by Valve. By getting involved in those events, players get immortals, mythical, and so on. Of course, these events are not available free of charge.

Since 2013, Valve has been using 25% of the Battle Pass earning as the Prize pool of The Dota International. Dota fans were impressed when the prize pool was at its top. Thus, it automatically increased its audience. While it was just the beginning of the Battle Pass, Valve managed to come up with even more attractive rewards. Now, the company increases its price pool annually to attract even more players. To beat their own records, Valve creators try to increase prize rates to the unbelievable heights.

Let’s say if the prize pool exceeds the last prize pool, then the Battle Pass holder will receive 10,000 battle points. Not bad, don’t you think so? However, if it exceeds the limit set by the Valve, then the Battle pass holder will get 10,000 more Battle points. This trick used by Valve developers worked out every year. So, we can only guess what we can expect from them in the future perspectives.